Patient at the LUMC

We understand that you may feel apprehensive when you are admitted to the LUMC. We therefore do our very best to make your stay as pleasant and smooth as possible. For instance by planning examinations as much as possible on the same day. We call that a ‘care pathway’. The main thing is that whatever happens to you during your admission, you are the focal point.

Your rights and obligations when undergoing treatment

When you are admitted to the LUMC, it is possible that you will undergo multiple examinations. The various treatment options will be discussed with you. Obviously, you play the leading role in what happens to you during your admission. The staff treating you will do their best to inform you as well and clearly as possible, and your consent to the proposed treatment option is of the first importance.

We draw your attention to the fact that it might not always be possible for a treatment you wish to be given. Medical considerations will mainly determine this. If you need to, you may consult your medical record (the status). While you are being treated, this will be arranged with the head of the department to which you have been admitted. After your discharge from the LUMC you will need to submit a written request to the Board of Directors in this regard.