Dutch registry of patient-reported outcome measures in nephrology



E.M. van der Willik, PhD student

Project managers

Dr. Y. Meuleman, Prof. Dr F.W. Dekker

Patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs) are becoming increasingly important in healthcare. Routine assessment of PROMs in clinical practice is recommended and can result in better understanding of patients’ symptoms and needs and can promote shared decision making. Additionally, PROMs could be used to assess and improve quality of care by enabling healthcare providers to compare their performance.

So far, PROMs haven’t yet been widely implemented in nephrology. The PROMs-NNL project aims to develop a national registry of PROMs, which will be included in the Dutch Renal Registry (Renine, The project focusses on routine assessment of health-related quality of life and symptom burden in patients who receive dialysis treatment. All patients who receive dialysis treatment in a Dutch center are invited to complete the online questionnaire every six months.

In the future, patients with chronic kidney disease who do not receive dialysis treatment, patients who received a kidney transplant and patients who receive conservative care will also be included.