PREdialysis PAtients REcords-study 

Project manager

Prof. dr F.W. Dekker

The PREdialysis PAtient Records-study (PREPARE) is a multicenter follow-up study in The Netherlands. With two phases.

In PREPARE-1 over 500 patients with chronic kidney disease were included retrospectively upon referral to a specialized predialysis outpatient clinic in one of the eight participating hospitals. The clinical course of predialysis patients was followed through the medical charts until the start of dialysis, transplantation, death, lost to follow-up, or January 1, 2008, whichever was earliest. Predefined data on demography, anthropometry, and clinical symptoms were extracted from medical charts at the start and end of follow-up. All available data concerning laboratory measurements during predialysis care were extracted from the hospital information systems.

In PREPARE-2 over 500 patients with chronic kidney disease were included prospectively between 2004 and 2011. Additional data was collected on renal function decline and quality of life. Serum samples and DNA is available in the majority of patients.

The PREPARE study have lead to several publications on Pubmed.