Risk on Arterial Thrombosis In Oral contraception


Dr Bob Siegerink

Project managersProf. dr Ale Algra (Dept of Clinical Epidemiology, LUMC and Julius Center, UMC Utrecht)
InformationBob Siegerink or prof. dr Ale Algra

The Risk of Arterial Thrombosis in relation to Oral contraceptive (RATIO) case control study was set up to evaluate whether oral contraceptive use increases the risk of myocardial infarction, ischaemic stroke and peripheral arterial disease. This multi centre, nation wide, population based study includes questionnaires and blood samples/buccal swaps of ~600 cases (200 of each substudy) and an equal amount of healthy controls.

Currently, the focus of the RATIO investigators has shifted from oral contraceptives to parts of the coagulation cascade, especially the intrinsic coagulation proteins FXI, FXII and kallikrein. Furthermore, the observed difference in risk factor profile between patients with myocardial infarction and ischaemic are also part of ongoing research.

RATIO thesis Bob Siegerink