Renal failure and dialysis

Chronic renal failure is increasingly recognized as an important health problem. While screening and the importance of detecting early stages is still under debate, risk factors for progression of the disease resulting in loss of renal function and the need for dialysis or transplantation warrant further study. Starting dialysis, mortality of patients is 10-20% per year and quality of life is reduced considerably. Many genetic and cardiovascular risk factors are considered to play a role, but the mechanisms are not unraveled yet. To contribute to this, two large prospective cohort studies are conducted. 

In Prepare over 1000 patients referred to an outpatient clinic have been included and monitored closely until start of dialysis. In Necosad over 2000 new dialysis patients have been included and followed until renal transplantation or death. Recently a European project started to include 2000 new CKD-patients (Equal-study).