Dr M. van Smeden (Maarten)

Postdoctoral researcher


  • Statistics
  • Epidemiology
  • Methodology
  • Prediction modelling
  • Causal modelling


Dr. Maarten van Smeden is a senior researcher at Leiden University Medical Center. His research interests include prediction research and causal inference from observational data. In particular, he focuses on the development of statistical methodology for using routinely collected healthcare data in epidemiology. He is a graduate from Utrecht University with master degrees in statistics and epidemiology and a doctorate in epidemiology.


Key publicaties

  • Dendukuri N, Schiller I, De Groot JAH, Libman M, Moons KGM, Reitsma JB, van Smeden M. Concerns with composite reference standards in diagnostic research. British medical journal, 2018, 360, j5779
  • Schumacher SG, van Smeden M, Dendukuri, N., Joseph, L., Nicol, M. P., Pai, M., & Zar, H. J.. (2016). Diagnostic test accuracy in childhood pulmonary tuberculosis: a bayesian latent class analysis. American journal of epidemiology, 184(9), 690-700.
  • Schiller I, van Smeden M, Hadgu A, Libman M, Reitsma JB, Dendukuri N. Bias due to composite reference standards in diagnostic accuracy studies. Statistics in medicine, 2016, 35, 1454-1470.
  • van Smeden M, Naaktgeboren CA, Reitsma JB, Moons KGM, de Groot JAH. Latent class models in diagnostic studies when there is no reference standard – a systematic review. American journal of epidemiology, 2014, 179, 423-431.
  • van Smeden M, de Groot JAH, Moons KGM, Collins GS, Altman DG, Eijkemans MJC, Reitsma JB. No rationale for 1 variable per 10 events criterion for binary logistic regression analysis. Bmc medical research methodology. 2016, 16, 163

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