Dr D.O. Mook-Kanamori (Dennis)

Postdoctoral researcher and family practice physician



Most of Dr. Dennis Mook-Kanamori’s research focuses on genetic and environmental markers of complex traits. During his PhD, he worked on numerous genome-wide association studies of early growth phenotypes, such as birth weight, head circumference and paediatric obesity. Also, he examined important environmental factors in early growth such as smoking, dietary intake and breastfeeding and their possible interaction with genes. Recently, he has been working on metabolomics of type 2 diabetes and obesity. Also, he coordinates the genetic studies in the NEO (Netherlands Epidemiology of Obesity) Study. Since 2013, he has been working at the Department of Clinical Epidemiology and Primary Care at the Leiden University Medical Centre. In 2013, he received an ZonMW Veni personal grant (€250k) to perform research in the field of metabolomics in the NEO Study. He currently co-supervises 5 PhD students, Ruifang Li-Gao, Sebastiaan Boone, Tahani Alshehri, Mona Shahab and Tariq Faquih. Besides his work as a researcher, he works part-time as a family practice physician in the area of Leiden/The Hague.


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