The innovative GP training programme


The healthcare is changing and developments are taking place in all healthcare levels. The urban area contains specific characteristics which further complicate the local healthcare. The general practitioner(GP) (in the urban setting) needs to keep up with these developments and needs to stay in charge. Already during the GP training programme the future GP needs to be equipped with tools to meet the demands of the complex workfield.

Study aim

The study aim is to develop a new innovative GP training curriculum. By this new innovative curriculum we want to train GP’s to become more futureproof, to become GP’s who will adopt the role of a ‘change agent’ and to become GP’s who will provide more population-based care in the urban area.


Multiple GP trainees groups will be formed. The trainees will participate in an innovative GP training programme. The training ship will comply to the regulations of the RGS, the ‘Landelijk Opleidingsplan’ and the Institute Regulations. The training ships will be held in GP practices situated in The Hague and the lectures will be provided and participated at the new secondary establishment ‘Campus LUMC Den Haag’ of the Public Health and Primary Care (PHEG) department. Using Designed Based Research method, data will be collected and study redesign will be made during the research.


Drs. M. Höke
Dr. I. Slootweg
Dr. M. van den Bogaard
Prof. Dr. S.F. Akkerman
Prof. Dr. A.W.M. Kramer


Campus LUMC Den Haag


Mehtap Höke (