Therapeutic Climate in Geriatric Rehabilitation


The most Geriatric Rehabilitation (GR) wards in the Netherlands maintain a therapeutic climate. However, there is a lot of difference in how this is designed. No research has yet been conducted into how a therapeutic climate can best be designed and which factors are effective.
The following topics can be considered for factors that influence a therapeutic climate:

  • Therapy intensity
  • Group training
  • Independent practice
  • Family participation
  • Task oriented training
  • Enriched environment
  • Team dynamics


The aim is to achieve a substantiated conceptualization of the therapeutic climate and to examine in practice which factors are an affective part of a therapeutic climate. This way we can develop an intervention to formalize the therapeutic climate in GR wards.


By following the steps of the MRC framework for developing and evaluating complex interventions we will develop and substantiate the intervention therapeutic climate.
Initially, the development phase will start. By means of the literature, expert meetings, focus groups and surveys information will be collected. By using the grounded theory, this information can be formed into a conceptualization of the therapeutic climate.
Depending on the results from the first phase, a method will be chosen to examine this concept in practice.


Prof. dr. W.P. Achterberg
Dr. B.Y. Buijck
Dr. E. Derksen
L.M.J. Tijsen, MSc


L.M.J. Tijsen ( ; +31621562554)


Collaboration GR de Zorgboog and RSZK