Opioid use and dementia


Numerous studies have found that pain is undertreated among older persons. In the treatment of pain, opioids have a prominent role as described in the WHO analgesic ladder and several other guidelines. However, many physicians are reluctant to treat older patients and especially older patients suffering from a cognitive impairment, with opioids because of fear of possible side-effects.


To add knowledge about the use of opioids in the older populations


One of the goals is to conduct a systematic review to compare the prevalence of opioid use in persons with a cognitive impairment and cognitively intact persons. A second goal is to investigate the knowledge, barriers and attitude of Dutch Elderly Care Physicians on opioids use. The third goal is to describe possible factors associated with opioid use in older persons . And finally get insight in pain and quality of life over time in Dutch Nursing homes.


Drs. Charlotte Griffioen, specialist ouderengeneeskunde, Novicare, Best
Prof. dr. Wilco Achterberg, hoogleraar, LUMC
Prof. dr. Jacobijn Gussekloo, hoogleraar, LUMC
Dr. Monique Caljouw, senior onderzoeker, LUMC




Universiteit van Bergen, Noorwegen (Prof. dr. Bettina Husebø)   


Novicare, Best