Measurement plan geriatric rehabilitation


Geriatric Rehabilitation (GR) aims to restore functioning and participation in older persons after an acute functional deterioration. Our academic network (UNC-ZH) initiated a roadmap for a core set of generic measurement instruments to evaluate  outcomes and enhance GR quality. These are the first results.


The aims: (1) structural and unambiguous use and evaluation of patient outcomes, (2) benchmark between GR departments and (3) scientific research. 


Development of (1) the core set by  literature search, inventory of  used instruments and discussions with  experts to reach consensus; (2) digital application linked to patient file. (3) a pilot implementation study to evaluate  user-friendliness and  application in daily practice.


Literature review found no basis for a valid core set of instruments, but our full procedure (1) resulted in a   set with valid measures for comorbidity (FCI), functioning and participation (Premorbid BI, USER, COPM, NPI-Q), and quality of life (EQ-5D-5L). The set is completed with additional information; age, gender, living environment, nutritional status,  hospitalisation, therapy intensity and ICD-10 diagnoses. The  set covers all domains of the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health. In the pilot, professionals were positive regarding the usefulness of the instruments, but some practical concerns about the digital application were revealed. 


The need for benchmarking, research and quality improvement in  GR is evident- however, evidence is scarce. These are first steps in implementation and validation of a core set of generic instruments, in which the need for European cooperation is evident.


Prof. dr. W.P. Achterberg
A.J. Doornebosch. MSc
Dr. M.A.A. Caljouw
Dr. R. van Balen
Dr. M.W.M. de Waal


Arno J. Doornebosch ( )