Becoming a doctor and the older patient


With the growing population of older patients, the role of the doctor is changing. Medical students, i.e. future doctors, will need to deal with the health care challenges of this population, regardless of the medical specialties they will choose for a future career. Therefore we have to ensure that all medical students are well prepared to become ‘good doctors’ for older patients; i.e. give those patients the health care they need. There is consent about the required  competencies needed to provide good care for older patients. Becoming a good doctor, however, includes not only the acquirement of competencies, but requires also the development of a professional identity.


The aim of this study is to better understand  the influence of experiences in caring for older patients on the development of the professional identity of medical students.

Methods and results

Qualitative research in which semi-structured in-depth interviews are used to explore the experiences of medical students who participate in the elderly care clerkship.



Prof. dr. A.W.M. Kramer, bijzonder hoogleraar Huisartsgeneeskunde en Onderzoek naar opleiden, LUMC
Prof. dr. W.P. Achterberg, hoogleraar Institutionele zorg en Ouderengeneeskunde, LUMC
Dr. E. Helmich, specialist Ouderengeneeskunde, senior onderzoeker, UMCG
Annemarie Moll-Jongerius, specialist Ouderengeneeskunde, LUMC


Annemarie Moll-Jongerius ( )