History of CRL

The origin of the Coagulation Reference Laboratory

In 1976 the Dutch Reference Institute for Laboratory Control of Anticoagulation (RELAC) was founded.  The objective of the Foundation was to improve the quality of coagulation tests performed by Dutch Thrombosis Services (i.e. Anticoagulant Clinics), hospital and other laboratories. The Foundation tried to achieve its objective by performing the following activities: (i) standardization of laboratory methodology by calibration of thromboplastin reagents, calibration of so-called reference plasma samples, and by participation in international standardization projects; (ii) assessment of the usefulness of commercial reagents for the principal methods of laboratory control in the Netherlands; (iii) preparation of so-called control plasma and control blood for member laboratories of the Dutch Federation of Thrombosis Services and other laboratories.

In January 2015 the RELAC continued as the Coagulation Reference Laboratory (CRL).