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SpineThe SIPS Group evaluates the (cost)effectiveness of various therapies for conditions of the spinal column. Innovative techniques, such as minimal invasive treatment methods and instruments for the spinal column, are teste by means of comparative studies. 

The goal of the SIPS Group is to implement the results of the above-mentioned investigations in the daily care of a patient. Another aim is to measure the social impact of changes in policy.  The basic premise is that both diagnostics and treatment must be based insofar as possible on scientific research data, thus that Evidence-Based Medicine must be applied for treatment of the spinal column. 


The SIPS Group works closely together with MC Haaglanden, the Erasmus MC in Rotterdam and with VU MC in Amsterdam.

More information about Lumbar Herniated Disc

Watch our information film (Dutch) for more information about Lumbar Herniated Disc.