Completed Trials

The Sciatica Trial
This trial compared the results of early surgery (6-12 weeks of legpain due to a lumbar hernia) with a longer wait-and-see policy.

The Sciatica-Mast Trial
This trial compared two minimal invasive treatments for the lumbar hernia with standard surgery.

Verbiest Trial 

The Verbiest Trial (Neurogenic Claudication) is a randomised multicenter study that compares (cost) effectiveness of surgery versus prolonged conservative treatment in patients with intermittent neurogenic claudication caused by lumbar stenosis.

VIS Trial 

The SIPS Group has made a DVD to explain patients with a hernia the fact that there are two treatment options with equal results. The VIS trial will compare the effectivity of this DVD or a special website, with the daily practice where the patient is being informed by the neurologist. 

For publications based on the outcome of these trials, we kindly refer you to the section Publications.