Tom van Wezel


  • Genomics and genetics and molecular pathology of familial colorectal cancer


Tom van Wezel is a molecular biologist at the Department of Pathology of the LUMC. Research interests are the genomics and molecular pathology of inherited forms of cancer (with unknown causes), in particular familial colorectal cancer. Current methods include high-density SNP arrays, homozygosity mapping, exome and transcriptome profiling using deep-sequencing, allele-specific gene expression profiling, association and linkage studies.

The tumors from inherited cancer syndromes are rare, can be decades old and are mostly available as formalin fixed-paraffin embedded (FFPE) tissue. An important aspect of the research is to optimize and modify genomics methods to allow the use of DNA/RNA isolated from FFPE tissue, and implement these methods in diagnostics.


2010-present      Associate Professor, dept. of Pathology, LUMC
2003-2010          Assistant Professor, dept.of Pathology, LUMC
2000-2003          Postdoc, dept.of Pathology, LUMC
1998- 2000         Postdoc, section Genetics, Div. Molecular Genetics, NKI
1994-1998          PhD student, section Genetics (Dr. P. Demant), NKI


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