Newborn Individualized Development Care and Asssessment Program

The Newborn Idividualized Development Care and Assessment Program (Ontwikkelingsgerichte Zorg (OGZ) approach is used in an attempt to reduce the stress factors that may influence your child and to increase the level of comfort experienced. This will contribute your child developing in the most optimal manner possible. With NIDCAP you will learn how to observe your child and to address his or her needs. You will learn how to make contact with your child and how you can enhance the bonding process. You will notice how you become increasingly familiar with your child and that it becomes an increasingly natural process to nurse and to care for your child yourself.

The nurse will provide you with information regarding NIDCAP. The most common behaviours and actions are presented and explained in a special photo album. You will also find a short film on NIDCAP here.

Upon admission, we will offer your child a pacifier/baby dummy, as comfort. This has been especially matched to your baby’s weight in order to promote proper oral motor skills. For the first couple of days, the nursing staff will sterilise this pacifier for you, after some days we will ask you to do this yourself.