Via a babycam you can see live pictures of your baby in the incubator at any time of the day. Whenever your baby is being provided with care or undergoing any form of medical treatment or intervention, we temporarily switch off the babycam. Do not let this scare you, this is temporary. There is no need for you to call and report that the camera is failing to transmit; as soon as the care or treatment has been completed, the camera will be switched on again. The pictures are transmitted without sound and are not saved on any medium.

In order to view the pictures you will need to log on to our secure website using a personal user name and password. Upon admission of your child, you will receive these from our nursing staff.

Babycam is made possible by the Willem Alexander Kinderfonds. 


Naar de Babyam 

  • U krijgt als eerste scherm, het inlogscherm, van Babycam te zien. 
  • Bij gebruikersnaam en wachtwoord typt u de aan u toegekende codes in. 
  • U kunt uitloggen door op afmelden te klikken.