Bringing your baby home

Release to go home

The length of the hospital stay is different for each child. Approximately 80% of babies who are born prematurely are released to go home around their original due date. You will be allowed to take your baby home if he grows well, drinks well, is able to maintain his own body temperature and provided there are no other health issues. Sometimes your baby will return directly home from the LUMC. In that case, your doctor and nurse will provide you with all the information you need and prepare you for your baby coming home. 

Delayed maternity care

For families whose maternity care is needed at a later time than normal (for example due hospitalisation), delayed maternity care or incubator after-care can be provided. Most maternity care agencies provide this.

Delayed maternity care will not be covered by basic health insurance, it will however be reimbursed by certain supplementary health insurance packages. It is possible to purchase more hours of care than the number eligible for reimbursement by the health insurance company.