Your baby is being transferred


Once your baby no longer needs intensive care and the attending physicians consider it medically justified, your baby will be transferred to a hospital nearer to your home. The choice of hospital depends on the level and type of care that your baby still requires and also on the area in which you live. Some newborns still require post IC/high care aftercare. The LUMC collaborates with High Care Centers in the Juliana Kinderziekenhuis (Juliana Children’s hospital) in Den Haag, Reinier de Graaf Gasthuis in Delft and the Groene Hart ziekenhuis in Gouda. This post IC/high care for example involves the care for babies with a gestational age of 30 - 32 weeks, current weight 1000-1250 gram or who need CPAP/ high flow respiratory support. Some newborns may be transferred to a neonatal unit in a general hospital close to your home. 

The transfer nurse (e-mail, tel 071 526 5394) will come and see you during your baby’s stay in the hospital to inform you in good time regarding the transfer and to discuss your wishes regarding the choice of hospital. As the number of intensive care beds is limited, transfers can sometimes be quite sudden. We will always do our best even in such circumstances to inform you as much as possible.

Your baby’s new unit will not be an intensive care unit. You could therefore expect to see less physicians and nurses in the unit. The nursing staff will be caring for more children at any one time than you are accustomed to in our unit. We recommend that you pay a visit to the other hospital to have some idea and an impression of the unit to which your baby is being transferred. You could also browse through the hospital’s website.

In the event of multiple newborns we will always try to transfer the babies together and at the same time. This is unfortunately not always possible. It is possible that one of your children is ready to be transferred to a high care unit whilst the other child still requires intensive care.

If your baby is discharged from the LUMC to go directly home, please see additional information in this section:

Discharge from the hospital
Postponed maternity care

Post IC/HC centers:
Groene Hart ziekenhuis in Gouda
Juliana Kinderziekenhuis in Den Haag
Reinier de Graaf Gasthuis in Delft

Others hospitals:
Alrijne ziekenhuis in Leiden
Langeland ziekenhuis in Zoetermeer
Haaglanden Medisch Centrum location Westeinde in Den Haag