Organisation and work packages

The NEO study is a collaboration between multiple departments of the LUMC and is coordinated by the department of Clinical Epidemiology. Researchers from the VU University Medical Center Amsterdam (VUMC) are also involved in the NEO study. 

The NEO study is governed by the Executive Board, which also functions as the Publication Committee. 

All research with NEO study data is embedded in one of the Work Packages. The Work Packages are based on clinical endpoints: Atherosclerosis, Bone Disease, Brain Pathology, Diabetes, Gastric Reflux Disease, Liver disease, Neuroendocrine Disease, Oncology, Osteoarthritis, Pulmonary Disease, Renal disease, Venous thrombosis, and there is a Work Package General Epidemiology. 

In addition, there are six Technical Platforms: Statistics, Laboratory, Imaging, Nutritional Status, Omics, and Follow-up. The members of the Technical Platforms meet on a regular basis to discuss quality control, procedures and future initiatives.

Together, the members of the Work Package Groups, Technical Platforms and Executive Board constitute the NEO Study Group. Open the pdf document below for an overview of all members.

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