Perform research with the NEO study

Researchers who wish to perform research with the NEO database can contact the project manager of the NEO study, Renée de Mutsert. 

Embedded in work package

All new research proposals are embedded in one of the NEO Work Packages. If a proposal does not fit in any of the work packages, it will be embedded in the work package General Epidemiology. 

NEO research procedure

Research with NEO data is performed according to the NEO Research procedure, including several checks, approval and documentation, to safeguard transparent and reproducible research. In order to receive a database for analysis, each research question needs to be submitted for approval by the NEO publication committee in the format of a paper proposal. The paper proposal includes a detailed statistical plan, a list of requested variables, and draft tables. A template for the paper proposal will be sent to you by e-mail, after you have been attributed to one of the NEO Work Packages. The NEO Research procedure is shown in the flow chart below and described in more detail in the document that can be downloaded by clicking this button.

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