The Centre for Bone Quality

The Centre for Bone Quality is part of the department of Internal Medicine, division Endocrinology and consists of a multidisciplinary collaboration of several subspecialties concerning patients with a disturbance in bone and mineral metabolism.

The Centre for Bone Quality at the LUMC delivers leading care for patients with different types of osteoporosis, metabolic bone disorders and disturbances in calcium and phosphate metabolism. The Centre provides access to optimal and complete care, prevention programmes and scientific innovations for every patient with a disturbance in bone and mineral metabolism. The patient-friendly efficient care trajectories “zorgpaden”, combined with “state of the art” treatment plans are in keeping with international standards of care for these disorders.

An internist-endocrinologist from the Centre for Bone Quality is always closely involved in your care. In our Out-patient Clinic you may also be seen by an internist-endocrinologist in training. You may also encounter a specialized Nurse Practitioner or a Doctor’s Assistant, who conduct an Osteoporosis clinic, or a doctor who conducts research in osteoporosis.

Complete care

The Centre for Bone Quality provides a total care package, from investigation to treatment, preventive care as well as long-term follow-up for a number of bone & mineral diseases. We also provide second opinions on a daily basis, within the Netherlands and occasionally beyond our borders. Our care is focussed among others on the following disorders:

  • Osteoporosis;
  • Secondary (complex) osteoporosis;
  • Osteoporosis in men;
  • Paget's disease of bone;
  • Fibrous dysplasia;
  • Sternocostoclavicular hyperostosis (SCCH);
  • Renal bone disease;
  • Bone disease associated with kidney, kidney-pancreas and liver transplantation;
  • Parathyroid diseases;
  • Disorders of calcium, phosphate and magnesium metabolism;
  • Genetic bone and mineral disorders;
  • Pediatric bone diseases

International scientific research

It is very important that new therapies and novel treatment schemes are developed for the treatment of patients with osteoporosis and other metabolic bone diseases. By its participation in innovative scientific research, the Centre for Bone Quality contributes to the continuous progress of the care of patients with bone diseases. This is made possible by the international scientific network which we are a part of.

Some of the research projects we are currently involved in include:

  • An international study on the efficacy of a promising new medication for osteoporosis which stimulates bone formation;
  • A study evaluating micro indentation, a new tool which allows the rapid analysis of bone quality.
  • A study on the genetic aspects of sterno-costo-clavicular hyperostosis
  • A European study on the efficacy of a new treatment schedule for fibrous dysplasia

Participation in our studies

It is possible that you may be asked to participate in one of our studies on bone quality during the course of your treatment. Your participation in these studies is, of course, on a fully voluntary basis. Your specialist would be very happy to discuss further details of the study with you during an Out-patient visit.

Educational activities

The Centre for Bone Quality offers undergraduate and postgraduate teaching in all aspects of Bone and mineral metabolism in the form of training periods “Stages” for medical students, internists in training and specialist nurse practitioners. You could contact us for more details on these training possibilities using the following contact details


We are available on working days for appointments and information for referring doctors via:

Telephone   +31-(0)71-5263505 (from 9:00 to 12:00)
Fax   +31-(0)71-5266881

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Postal address Centre for Bone Quality

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Informatie ziektebeeld Fibreuze Dysplasie
Informatie ziektebeeld Osteoporose
Informatie ziektebeeld Botziekte van Paget
Informatie ziektebeeld Hyperparathyreoïdie
Informatie ziektebeeld SCCH (Sterno-costo-claviculaire hyperostose)
Nederlandse Vereniging van Patiënten met Sternoclaviculaire Hyperostosis 
Fibreuze Dysplasie/McCune Albright syndroom patientenvereniging
Osteoporose Vereniging
Vereniging Osteogenesis Imperfecta