Healthcare costs

Your healthcare costs

Hospital care costs money. The LUMC likes to make your healthcare costs transparent by explaining everything you have to take into account.

Do you know which costs for hospital care you get reimbursed?

Not just every treatment at the LUMC is automatically reimbursed by all healthcare insurers, certainly not when you have a budget policy or when the care is only reimbursed under a supplementary insurance. In that case, your healthcare costs are charged to you directly and it is your responsibility to pay the invoice. What we do not want is that an LUMC invoice comes as a surprise to you. We have noticed, however, that for some patients this is the case, and we wish to prevent that. We recommend that you first carefully check your healthcare insurance before you see us for treatment or a consultation. We recommend you to carefully read your policy conditions and if necessary contact your healthcare insurer. Your insurer can check with which hospitals contracts have been concluded. 

The risks of a budget policy

You may have concluded a cheap insurance: a budget policy. In that case it is good to know that not all budget policies are accepted by the LUMC. Throughout the Netherlands you can only go to a limited number of hospitals if you have a budget policy. Contact your healthcare insurer to see whether you can go the LUMC. We recommend you do so before any treatment or consultation.

The budget policy of Achmea offers a limited cover for treatment at the LUMC. Also the insurance brands affiliated to Achmea such as Avero, Aevitea and IAK offer a budget policy with a limited cover for treatment at the LUMC. If you have a budget policy from another healthcare insurer, we recommend you to contact that insurer. The LUMC has contracts with virtually all insurance companies and therefore accepts most healthcare insurances.

The following insurance companies offer budget policies, including:

  • Zilveren Kruis Achmea and affiliated brands (e.g. Avero, Aevitea, IAK)
  • Menzis and affiliated brands (e.g. Anderzorg, PMA). Please note: as of 2016 Menzis no longer offers any budget policies.

These budget policies only offer a limited cover for treatment at the LUMC.

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