Rules of conduct

In the Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC), we highly value a pleasant and safe environment.

Therefore, we have drawn up the following set of house rules applicable both to patients and visitors and to employees.

  • Theft and vandalism. In case of theft or vandalism we report to the police. The costs will be recovered from the offender.
  • Discrimination. It is forbidden to discriminate against people because of skin colour, religion, sex, position, etc.
  • Violence. Intimidation, verbal or physical violence will not be tolerated. Also attempts to use physical violence are forbidden, as are blackmail and abuse.
  • Pets. Pets are not allowed inside the buildings, with the exception of trainee and trained guide dogs.
  • Sexual harassment. Sexual harassment or utterances are unacceptable.
  • Parking. Parking of cars, bicycles, mopeds, motor bicycles and other modes of transport in or around the buildings, outside the designated parking spaces and sheds is not allowed.
  • Privacy and respect. Respect the privacy of patients and employees. It is not allowed to take photographs or films at the LUMC unless you have permission from the LUMC. If a patient, visitor or employee can be identified on a photograph or film, he or she will always have to give permission (in writing).
  • Smoking and open fire. Smoking is allowed nowhere inside the buildings. Open fire is not allowed.
  • Drugs. Use of alcohol and drugs is not allowed. Patients and visitors causing a public nuisance and who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol are refused entry.
  • Weapons. Prohibited weapons and other dangerous objects are not allowed and are always confiscated by Security/Police. Admission to the hospital may be denied as a result.

Violation of these house rules is not allowed. The security department may be called upon and in the event of serious or repeated violations, admission to the LUMC may be denied and we may report to the police. The doctor in question will then decide whether the treatment is cancelled or not.