Your treatment at the outpatient department

Often your first appointment at the outpatient department is to determine your medical status: the doctor will ask some questions about your health and maybe he carries out a minor medical examination.

Planning to go to the LUMC? Fill in the COVID questionnaire first!

Always fill out a COVID questionnaire before visiting the LUMC.


Are you a patient? Then you can find the questionnaire in mijnLUMC. You can fill it out there.


Are you a visitor? Fill in the questionnaire.


The questionnaire is only valid for 48 hours so complete it just before you come to the LUMC. Also read the important information before you visit the LUMC.

MRSA bacterium

Arts en patientIn order to prevent infection with persistent bacteria you will be asked a few questions:

  • Are or were you infected with the MRSA bacterium? Have you been in contact with a housemate or partner infected with the MRSA bacterium?
  • In the past two months, were you admitted to or treated in a foreign hospital?
  • Do you come into contact with live calves, poultry or pigs for the meat industry, either for your work or otherwise?

More than one appointment in one day

If you have more than one appointment we try to plan them as much as possible on the same day.

Result of the appointments

An appointment may have the following results:

  • you are fine;
  • you get medication prescribed;
  • outpatient department treatment is required: a minor procedure or surgery;
  • you need to undergo day treatment or you have to be admitted to hospital for a longer stay.


After some medical examinations or surgery you may not be able to drive. We recommend you have someone with you to assist you.

Urgent problems

If after treatment or a visit to the outpatient department of the hospital you have an urgent problem, please contact the outpatient department.

More information?

The LUMC has many different brochures with information about diseases and treatments. Feel free to ask your doctor, nurse or the desk staff about them.


The LUMC has many facilities, such as a restaurant, lockers and child care. Wheelchairs can be found at the main entrance and downstairs in the car park.