References and Certificate of Conduct (VOG)

At the Leiden University Medical Center dealing with confidential information and often vulnerable patients happens on a daily.

Because of the safety and security of patients and employees, the LUMC checks if new employees are eligible to deal with such occurrences. To determine eligibility, references can be asked to be shown, at least for positions that entail contact with patients or contact with patient equipment. If deemed necessary, an additional check-up will be done at the Healthcare Inspection and Youth (IGJ).

Furthermore, when you are employed, you will be asked to apply for a Certificate of Conduct (VOG).

How does applying for a Certificate of Conduct work?
When you are invited for an appointment interview, you will receive an application form via email. The employer section of the form will be filled out beforehand. The applicant section of the form will have to be filled in by you. After filling out the form, you can go to your community office where you are registered to apply, this can also be done online. To do the latter, just follow the instructions sent to you by email. Within four weeks after receiving your application a Certificate of Conduct will possibly be issued.

Once you have received the Certificate of Conduct, you have to send it to your Personnel & Organization advisor. The advisor will add the Certificate of Conduct to the rest of your employment files. Afterwards, all your files will be administered in our Personnel Administration.

The costs made for the Certificate of Conduct will be compensated when handed in. This compensation will be paid during the first salary or, in case you do not receive a salary, through our financial administration. If you have applied for a Certificate of Conduct, but have not received one, you will not receive financial compensation. For those in possession of a Certificate of Conduct, issued abroad, a receipt of the costs must be shown to our administration office.

More information
More information on the VOG can be found on the Ministry of Justice website. You can also contact us by phone. The numbers for the various P&O departments can be found below.

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