Organization and Mission

Getting better by breaking new ground

The world is changing:
The population is ageing, the number of patients with chronic diseases and disorders is expanding, medical costs are increasing and there is a field of tension between technical options and threats. The health of the global population is one of the biggest challenges of our time. Leiden University Medical Center believes that this challenge asks for a clear vision and mission. Interactive interplay between our core tasks teaching, research and patient care is essential.

At the LUMC students are trained in lifelong innovating and learning. Researchers let themselves be inspired and test their findings directly in practice. Patients can count on being helped according to the state-of-the-art of science. The LUMC believes in curing but also in prevention. 

By calling in companies and organisations in and outside the region, the LUMC makes innovations and new applications actually possible. Thus the LUMC wishes to play a leading role in the development of solutions to healthcare questions.

‘The LUMC as an innovator stands for improving healthcare and people’s health’.