Corporate social responsibility (MVO)

MVO in the LUMC

To the LUMC corporate social responsibility is important. Patient care, research and education – our key tasks – add value to society on a daily basis. But we also think about our social responsibility when managing our organisation. For instance, by being meticulous about how we use energy and raw materials and by helping people who are distanced from the labour market to find jobs.

As an organisation with more than 7000 employees, the LUMC has an enormous social responsibility. It is only natural that being meticulous about how we deal with people and the environment are our objectives. Every LUMC employee plays their part, either by caring for our patients, within research and education or in a business-related role. 

People, Planet and Profit

The MVO-policy of the LUMC focuses on 3 pillars: People, Planet and Profit. This means the LUMC pays attention to the diversity of its personnel (People), environmental sustainability (Planet) and transparency about its operational management (Profit)