Molecular biology of +RNA virus replication

Principal Investigator(s)

Dr. Martijn J. van HemertProf. Dr. Alexander E. Gorbalenya, Prof. Dr. Eric J. Snijder

SARS-CoV RdRpDescription of research

Positive-stranded RNA (+RNA) viruses, the largest group of viruses, are important pathogens of humans and animals. Their unconventional molecular biology includes an RNA genome that also serves as the mRNA for the expression of the viral replicative enzymes. The cytoplasmic replication of +RNA viruses can be explosive, with dramatic consequences for the architecture and functioning of the infected cell. Due to the relatively low fidelity of their RNA polymerase, +RNA viruses exhibit genetic variation and rapid evolution, allowing them to readily adapt to new circumstances and – for example - emerge as human pathogens. The MERS- and SARS-coronaviruses, the alphavirus Chikungunya virus, and the flavivirus Zika virus are prominent examples of such (re)emerging +RNA viruses with a serious impact on human health and society.
Our research focuses on the in-depth molecular biological and biochemical dissection of +RNA virus replication, and on the functional characterization of viral enzymes in particular. Using biochemical and molecular biological approaches, bioinformatics, and advanced electron microscopy, we aim to increase our understanding of +RNA virus replication and evolution. This will facilitate the development of strategies to combat these pathogens, for example by identifying inhibitors of virus replication or improving the technology  to develop +RNA virus-based vaccine vectors.

Research Topics

  • +RNA virus replication and evolution
  • Structure and function of +RNA virus enzymes
  • Host factors involved in +RNA virus replication
  • +RNA virus reverse genetics and expression vectors

Key publications

  • The enzymatic activity of the nsp14 exoribonuclease is critical for replication of MERS-CoV and SARS-CoV-2. Natacha S. Ogando, Jessika C. Zevenhoven-Dobbe, Yvonne van der Meer, Peter J. Bredenbeek, Clara C. Posthuma, Eric J. Snijder. Online 16 September 2020 J. Virol. doi:10.1128/JVI.01246-20
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