Quality and patient care

The Department of Clinical Genetics aims to provide good quality care that is tailored to the needs of both the patient and the health professionals who refer patients and request diagnostics. The Department of Clinical Genetics has therefore implemented quality management systems in the outpatient clinic (NIAZ) and in the laboratory (ISO 15189).


The quality assurance policy in the LUMC is based on the NIAZ (Dutch Institute for Accreditation of Hospitals) quality standard for outpatient clinics, which also covers our outpatient clinic.

Quality assurance

How we assure quality in practice:

  • weekly monitoring of the waiting times at the outpatient clinic: the established norm for a maximum waiting period is 12 weeks, and no major differences in waiting times may occur based on the medical condition present in a family.
  • regularly monitoring our accessibility by telephone; if this does not meet LUMC standards, measures to improve the situation will be introduced.
  • registering complaints in the areas of communication, patient-staff interaction, medical care and organization/coordination of care. After analysis and handling of complaints, improvements are made where necessary.
  • indicators are measured to provide insight into, to monitor and to improve medical practice.

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