Switchbox was an international collaboration research project between six European partners. The project is funded by a European Commission FP7 grant. In total, 135 offspring of nonagenarian siblings from the Leiden Longevity Study and the partners of the offspring were included in this study.

The overall objective of Switchbox was to promote health in old age by better understanding of body, brain and mind circuits. Focus was on metabolic homeostasis integrated by the hypothalamus, which via its reciprocal projections to other brain regions and the periphery regulates both metabolic and mental health. We collected data on energy metabolism, cognition, sleep, MRI, etcetera. Furthermore, data on glucose, physical activity, heart rate, and core body temperature was collected during five consecutive days. Detailed information on pituitary hormones was collected of 38 participants during 24 hours.

More information
For more information, please contact dr.ir. Diana van Heemst, d.van_heemst@lumc.nl