Growing Old Together

The Growing Old Together study (in Dutch: Samen Oud, Samen Thuis) was performed within the Leiden Longevity Study (LLS). The LLS consists of 421 long-lived families with siblings of on average 90 years old, but also included the offspring of these long-lived siblings and their spouses. A subgroup of these individuals participated in the GOTO study.  In total, 163 individuals of ages between 46 and 75 years and having a BMI between 23 and 35 kg/m2 were included between February and October 2012. Previous research showed that a low caloric intake and higher physical activity could lead to a prolonged lifespan and reduced risk on age-related diseases.

In the GOTO Study, the offspring of long-lived siblings together with their partners changed their lifestyle by decreasing food intake by 12.5% and increasing physical activity by 12.5% during 13 weeks. The main research question was to examine whether lifestyle changes are also in this age group beneficial with regard to health.

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