The European FP7 project 'Understanding and combating human age-related muscle weakness' (MYOAGE) was a collaborative effort designed to study the impact of ageing muscles on mobility and quality of life.


To identify molecular mechanisms and pathways responsible for age-related muscle weakness, project partners compared muscle tissue from active and sedentary elderly individuals to tissue from healthy young adults. MYOAGE built one of the largest biobanks of human blood and muscles from individuals of different ages. Using muscle biopsies from hip or knee surgeries, scientists optimised the protocols required for obtaining cell cultures and investigated various biochemical and molecular pathways. In addition, data on the histology, biochemistry and protein expression profiles of these biopsies were collected. MYOAGE also completed a comprehensive assessment of the relationship between muscle mass, bone density and physical activity; mobility in relation to muscle size and function; and skeletal muscular fatigue.

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