Modern technologies such as the internet, smartphones, and home-based data collection of health indicators provide interesting avenues for scientific research. The use of these technologies is also increasing amongst older individuals. Over 85% of those aged 65 years and older regularly use the internet and 14% own a smartphone. It is expected that the penetrance of digital technology will be widespread within this population within the next 10 years. iVitality is a digital platform which utilizes these modern technologies to perform scientific research. Smartphone users can monitor their health at home by answering questions, monitoring physical activity through built-in sensors, measuring blood pressure, and through various memory- and concentration-related cognitive tests. Once encrypted, these data can be utilized for scientific research. In total, 151 participants were included with a mean age of 57 years. Blood pressure and other health characteristics were collected during a six-month period.

By using the iVitality platform we hope to facilitate participation of older subjects in scientific research, as data can be collected without needing to visit a research centre.

More information
Further information on studies utilizing iVitality can be found on www.iemotrip.nl