Heart-Brain Study

The Heart-Brain Study: the missing link in the pathophysiology of vascular cognitive impairment

In older persons, both cardiovascular diseases and memory problems are common. There is increasing evidence that cardiovascular diseases harm the structure and function of the brain, such as cognitive function. This might be due to a changed blood supply to and a changed blood flow in the brain. Cardiovascular diseases might therefore be an important cause of memory problems and dementia in older persons.

Aim of the Heart-Brain Study is to investigate whether cardiovascular diseases lead to a reduced blood supply to and blood flow in the brain, and to cognitive impairment. Participants are recruited in several university medical centers: the LUMC, the UMC Utrecht, the VUmc and the MUMC. We will include a total of 600 participants with either heart failure, carotid occlusive disease or vascular cognitive impairment. All participants undergo the same study protocol, including simple medical tests such as blood pressure measurements, neuropsychological testing and a cardiac and brain MRI.

More information
For more information, the researchers can be contacted through Marjan van der Elst, research nurse, hartbreinstudie@lumc.nl or the study phone number +31-6-22589639.  Heart-Brain Connection consortium website: www.heart-brain.nl. Within the LUMC, this research is conducted in close collaboration with the department of Radiology.