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Improving care for acutely presenting older patients visiting the Emergency Department

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Keeping the heart in mind: cardiovascular determinants of neurocognitive functioning in old age


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Genetic and environmental determinants of cardiometabolic health


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Phenotyping older patients needing intensive treatment

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The endocrinology of familial longevity. Time series analyses of different hormonal axes and their interrelations

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Prediction of adverse health outcomes in older patients visiting the Emergency Department: the APOP study

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Cognitive impairment in older Emergency Department patients


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Genetic and methodological aspects of statin-induced lipid response

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Role of cardiac biomarkers in cognitive impairment and functional decline


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Maintaining life satisfaction at old age in spite of physical decline

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The role of inflammation in muscle aging


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Human longevity: crosstalk between the brain and periphery

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The skin as a mirror of the aging process

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Blood pressure, cardiac biomarkers and cognitive function in old age.

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The Milan Geriatrics 75+ Cohort Study: unraveling the determinants of healthy ageing and longevity

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Pituitery hormone secretion in familial longevity. The SWITCHBOX study

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Population ageing and health care expenditure


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Perspectives on elder abuse in the Netherlands

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Measuring senescence in human populations

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On longevity and the aging process: a magnetic resonance imaging study of the brain

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Genetics, statins, and lipid metabolism in cardiovascular disease

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The evolution of ageing. Concepts, causation and calculus 


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Glucose metabolism in healthy ageing

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Compression and plasticity of old-age mortality

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Management of elderly patients with breast cancer, towards evidence based medicine

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The triad of renal function, erythropoitin and haemoglobin in old age

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Cardiovascular and hemodynamic contribution to brain aging


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The definition of sarcopenia


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Determinants of muscular and functional vitality in oldest old people

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Post-reproductive survival in a polygamous society in rural Africa

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Endocrine and metabolic features of familial longevity. The Leiden Longevity Study


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Innate immune response and regulation of human life-histories under adverse conditions.

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Anemia in old age

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Determinants of cognitive function in old age


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Cardiovascular risk management in old age. 


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Testing life history theory in a contemporary African population.

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Cellular senescence in vitro and organismal ageing.

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Determinants of cognitive decline and dementia in the very old.


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A MRI study into the effect of pravastatin on cerebrovascular pathologies.

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A study into genes encoding longevity.

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The genetic factors in human reproduction.


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Atherosclerose, cognitive impairment, and depression in old age.

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White matters. A longitudinal study on causes and consequences of white matter hyperintensities in the elderly.


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Endothelium dependant vasodilation: methods and mechanisms in humans.

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Common gene variants and mortality in the population at large.

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