Ghana Study

The Ghana Study is a follow-up study in the north of Ghana. Here, we have followed around 25,000 participants since 2002 in about 300 km2 of African savanna.  In this area, people live in patri-local polygamous families in clay huts with thatched roofs. In this population we studied ageing and life histories in a natural environment where infectious diseases are still the major cause of death and a natural fertility pattern is observed. We have gathered DNA samples from over 4000 individuals, blood samples from over a 1000 individuals and have extensively studied environmental factors as drinking sources, socioeconomic status and family structures.

We try to better understand ageing in a natural environment. We study genetic aspects of the immune system. We also study environmental and sociological aspects of child survival and health.

More information

For information on the Ghana Study you can contact dr. David van Bodegom (