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Zuzana de Jong

Marten Munneke

Rheumatoid arthritis patients in training. Long-term high-intensity exercise in patients with reumatoid arthritis (the RAPIT study)
2005 Eric Vermeulen      Physiotherapeutic treatment and clinical evaluation of shoulder disorders
2007 John Verhoef

Integrated care for patients with rheumatoid arthritis

2008 Petra Voorham     

Towards evidence based practice in pelvic floor physiotherapy

2010 Samyra Keus

Physiotherapy in Parkinson's disease. towards evidence-based practice

2010 Florus van der Giesen Rehabilitation strategies to improve physical functioning in patients with musculoskeletal diseases.
2011 Peter Bekkering

Quality of life, functional ability and physical activity in children and adolescents after lower extremity bone tumour surgery

2013 Jorit Meesters The role of the patient with rheumatoid arthritis in multidisciplinary care