Vision on Education

The LUMC provides education, study programmes, and courses that are innovative in both content and form. Central to the LUMC's educational vision is the fact that the content is based on recent developments in science, care, and society, whereas the form of education is based on the latest theories on education. The LUMC also has an initiating role in the Education and Training Region (Onderwijs- en OpleidingsRegio (OOR)). The LUMC study programmes are aimed at professionals who are aware of the context in which they work, both in regard to their own organizations and regarding the disciplines with which these cooperate.

The LUMC assumes an adult relationship with students/course participants. Both parties have their own responsibilities: students are responsible for their own learning process, while tutors are responsible for facilitating this learning process optimally. The LUMC takes good care of planning and scheduling, information supply, supervision, and such other facilities. The LUMC provides a pleasant, stimulating, and challenging learning environment that encourages lifelong learning.

In order to realize the above, the LUMC collaborates actively and takes part in exchanges with organizations and institutes within and outside the Netherlands. The various LUMC divisions play an important role in realizing the educational vision; they employ enthusiastic and qualified lecturers for teaching, and staff the different commissions in the educational organization.