When you leave LUMC

If you are admitted to the LUMC for a procedure or if you are having day surgery, you will discuss when you will be allowed to go home with your doctor or a member of the nursing staff. If you have been admitted, this interview generally takes place one or two days before you will leave.Often, the planned date of your discharge is known when you are admitted.

Arts, verpleegkundige en patienteOn discharge, you will be given medical advice and sometimes a prescription. Often, an appointment is made for a check-up. If you experience difficulties after you return home that are connected with the operation, get in touch with the department where you were treated or with the doctor in attendance. This telephone number is given to you when you are discharged. It is possible that you will hear a recorded message with instructions. Please listen to the entire message so that you know who you should ask for if you have any questions.

Transportation home

If you need a taxi to take you home, the nursing staff will call one for you. The healthcare insurer generally pays the costs of transportation. However, a doctor’s statement is usually required. And remember that you may have to pay a personal contribution.