Entry and residence permits

You have been hired! Now you have to make arrangements to come live and work in The Netherlands. Whether you have to apply for an entry and/or a residence permit, depends on the duration of your stay and your country of origin. The position you will be filling in the LUMC further decides which immigration procedure needs to be followed. The International Desk will help you out and take care of your appointment at the LUMC. This way you have more time to plan your journey and find lodgings.

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Apply for entry and residence permits

Whether or not you need an entry and/ or a residence permit depends on the following factors:

  • Duration of your stay (shorter or longer than 3 months)
  • Country of origin (from inside or outside the EU)
  • Position in the LUMC (scientific researcher or other)

The flow chart below indicates whether you may need certain permits:  

Do you need an enty and/or a residence permit? Click to enlarge

One of the assistants of the International Desk will contact you, in order to help you with the immigration procedure. The International Desk takes care of the application of your entry and residence permits with the Dutch Immigrations Office (IND). When issued, you may collect your entry permit at the Dutch embassy or consulate in the country of your stay. Your contact at the International Desk will notify you when your entry permit is ready.

The application for your residence permit will automatically be processed once your entry permit has been issued. After arrival in The Netherlands, you must collect your residence permit from the IND within 3 months.

Entry and residence permits for family members

Will your partner and children move with you to The Netherlands? The International Desk will take care of their entry and residence permits as well.

Planning your trip

After your entry permit has been issued, you may begin to plan your trip to The Netherlands. Please let your contact at the International Desk know as soon as possible when you plan to arrive. She will take care of your appointment at the LUMC and plan a number of meetings for you (a.o. with the community council).

Send in the documentation for your appointment

In order to formally arrange your appointment at the LUMC, we need you to send us some documentation. Please refer to the page Before your first day for a full list.

Meetings at the LUMC and community council

Your contact at the International Desk will plan a number of meetings for you:

  • Appointment interview with your contact at the International Desk
  • Registration with the community council and application for a social security number (BSN) (you will need your birth certificate)
  • medical examination (depending on your position)
  • TB test at the municipal Health Service (GGD) 

Housing, bank account and insurance

The International Desk will mainly assist you with your application for your entry and residence permits, and your appointment at the LUMC. You yourself will need to take care of the following:

Where to find more information about living and working in The Netherlands?

  • For more information about Leiden and living and working in The Netherlands, please refer to the Expat Center Leiden.
  • The app Welcome2NLResearch aims to help foreign employees with their immigration in the Netherlands, by providing useful information about work, housing and the necessary documentation. The app is available for Android and iOS. Find your free download in the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.