Insurance, Child benefit and Pension

If you enter the employment of the LUMC and move to the Netherlands, you are insured under the Dutch national insurance scheme. You accrue old-age pension (AOW) and you may be entitled to Child Benefit (Kinderbijslag). Should you pass away your surviving dependants may be entitled to a Surviving Dependants Benefit (nabestaandenuitkering).

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Important to know

If you work and live in the Netherlands, you are insured under the Dutch national insurance scheme. You are no longer insured under the social insurance scheme of the country you used to live or work in.


When you reach state pension age at 67, you will receive your old age pension (AOW). Additionally, you accrue an LUMC pension with ABP (General Pension Fund for Public Employees). The contributions for your old-age and ABP pensions are deducted from your salary. It may be a good idea to supplement your pension. 

Health insurance

People residing and/or working in the Netherlands are generally obliged to at least conclude a basic health insurance. You are free to choose you own health insurance provider. Once per year you may switch providers.

As an LUMC employee you and your family members may make use of the UMC Health Insurance. This is a group health insurance concluded by the University Medical Centres for all their staff. The UMC Health Insurance offers a basic health insurance and several supplementary packages and excesses. For more information please refer to the page UMC Health Insurance.

Child Benefit

If you live and work in the Netherlands and you have children under 18 you may be entitled to Child Benefit, a three-monthly allowance from the Social Insurance Bank (Sociale Verzekeringsbank, SVB) to assist you raise your child(ren). The level of this allowance depends on the number of children in your household, any special needs, etc. Child Benefit is not income related. For more information please refer to the SVB website.

Surviving Dependants Benefit and Pension

The Surviving Dependants Benefit and Pension offer financial state support to people whose partner has passed away and to children who are orphaned. As an employee of the LUMC you automatically accrue a Surviving Dependants Pension with ABP. This means that your partner and children under 21 are entitled to benefit should you pass away. Additionally, you may conclude Surviving Dependants Insurance yourself. Please refer to for more information, brochures and forms.

Other insurance

For all its employees the LUMC has concluded agreements with insurance companies about (premium) discounts. They form part of the fringe-benefit package the LUMC offers its employees. You decide yourself whether or not to take out these types of insurance. 


The contribution for this social insurance is deducted from you salary.

More information

  • For more information about social insurance please refer to the SVB-brochure Working in the Netherlands (pdf). 
  • For more information about the Dutch health care system please refer to
  • Read more about your obligation to conclude a health care insurance at the Euraxess website
  • For information about pensions and insurance in the Netherlands you may also refer to