Milou van Agtmaal, head assistant Preparations

Rarely will you see a manager who takes more pride in her work and her team then Milou van Agtmaal, head assistant Preparations: “Managing this team is a delight. The team consists of hard workers, people who help each other, wanted and unwantedly, and of people with insight in each other’s work.”

What is this formula for success that makes team Preparations, consisting of twelve assistants and six pharmaceutical employees, work so well together? Perhaps we can modestly conclude that Milou’s work approach is an important factor for this success. “I’m a people manager who believes that job satisfaction is most important.”

Stimulating job satisfaction
And Milou carries out this philosophy in the smallest of details. “To ensure people’s job satisfaction is as high as it can be, I try to see my staff as more than just ‘colleagues’. I make a conscious effort to view the people behind the work. By getting to really know people, you are much better able to manage them in a fitting way.”

But it’s also crucial to involve people in the process to stimulate job satisfaction. “Career opportunities may be limited, but are nevertheless important to employees. Thus, I give them the freedom to follow courses and training to develop their skills, even if that means they might leave the LUMC after said training or education. I would rather have people be really happy in their job and leaving after a year of training, than have an employee who dwells on the thought of leaving out of a dislike for his or her role.”

And her management style seems to be working. Because, with her team, Milou gets a lot done. For instance, the team is able to support nurses and Emergency Room staff. One of the most important developments is that preparations no longer need to be done by nurse anesthetists, but can be made by Milou’s team. This way, more patients can be treated. “If we can contribute to making work in healthcare more efficient and attractive for specialized nurses, then we will gladly do so.”

That team Preparations is able to do this makes Milou incredibly proud. “It fills me with joy that we do this as a team and that the organization is so grateful.”

Milou does everything within her power to show people the unique contents of the work. “Often times, people lack knowledge about the work you can do here. As a team, we now try to show ourselves more at schools and inform people about all the possibilities available here. For instance, we have the authorization to produce and supply our own medicine. We are one of the few hospitals in the Netherlands that produces so many own drugs.” And students have the possibility to take a look inside for a day and witness everything the team does up close.