Two LUMC professors elected as new KNAW members

1 May 2020• NEWSITEM

LUMC professors Maria Yazdanbakhsh and Frans van der Helm have been elected as new members of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW). They have been chosen on the basis of their scientific achievements and will be installed later this year.

Maria Yazdanbakhsh

Professor of Immunoparasitology Maria Yazdanbakhsh is head of the department of Parasitology at the LUMC. She has been chosen as a new KNAW member based on her research into the interaction between the human immune system and parasites. She combines clinical trials and field research in Asia and Africa with molecular and cellular research in the LUMC. New insights in immunological pathways allow the development of new vaccines against parasite infections. 

Frans van der Helm

As Professor of Biomechatronics & human-machine control, Frans van der Helm focuses on the neural and biomechanical aspects of human movement. He is professor at TU Delft as well as at the LUMC. He is also one of the programme leaders of the Medical Delta, a collaboration between the LUMC, Erasmus MC and TU Delft. His research builds a bridge between biomedical sciences and mechanical engineering. This makes his research broadly applicable. Think of applications ranging from self-driving cars to joint implants. 

More information about their research and KNAW membership can be found in the overview of all new KNAW members.

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