LUMC-Campus Den Haag launches MOOC on Population Health Management

14 January 2019• NEWSITEM

On 15 January, during the 5th working conference at LUMC Campus Den Haag, a massive open online course (MOOC) was launched entitled ‘Fundamentals of Population Health Management’. This free course is the first in a series of nine online lectures that will appear later this year.

Fundamentals of Population Health Management

Our current way of providing healthcare is changing. Increasingly, a person’s needs are put at the centre of care. This requires an integral approach of care and wellbeing that can maintain the best possible health of the population. The new MOOC therefore combines several aspects, including data analysis, integrated care options and optimal organisational conditions. More and more data are available today, offering new options for high-quality data analysis at a population level. Using these data, hospitals, doctors and other specialists can create an overview of the major health risks of a population. Subsequently, this information can be used to develop targeted interventions for specific population groups. The new MOOC offers a comprehensive overview of this process.

Academic level

The MOOC consists of four modules (in English) at academic master level. The course is aimed at people with a solid grounding in healthcare. The participants will learn to analyse present and future healthcare challenges based on the new ‘Population Health Management’ approach. It is a free, open-access course.

LUMC-Campus Den Haag

The course has been developed by researchers, lecturers and cooperation partners at LUMC-Campus Den Haag. Since 2016 the Campus has been working on a new research and educational programme in Population Health Management. At present, several experimental projects on population-based care are being conducted in the Haaglanden area. The progress of these projects was discussed at the mid-January working conference of LUMC-Campus Den Haag.

Are you interested in this new way of organising care? Sign up on the Coursera website and follow the free online course.

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