Filming and photographing

No cameras and camera crews are allowed in the buildings

The LUMC has decided not to allow all activities with cameras and camera crews in the buildings until further notice. This regardless of the nature and siz e of the images taken. Alternatively, filming can be done outside the buildings, possibly with the LUMC in the background. Or at another location of your choice. The exception to this are press meetings that can be held in special situations related to the current situation. In the coming period the security staff will monitor this strictly. We are counting on everyone's understanding.

To guarantee the privacy of our patients and visitors, you need permission to film or photograph in the LUMC.


Within three kilometers around the site there is a flight ban for drones, because the LUMC is equipped with a helipad. Within this controlled airspace, flying a drone is only permitted when the LUMC gives permission for this.


Do you want to film, photograph or fly with a drone? For permission, contact the Directorate Communications.