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Explanation on license information :   (in dutch)

Always mention the author/creator/source. 
Illustrations with attribution Public Domain, CC-0 or CC-BY only (without any other attributes): you are allowed to copy in your material (f.i. PPT), allowed to.change/remix the illustration.
Illustrations with attribution ND: you are allowed to copy in your material (f.i. PPT) but you are NOT allowed to change/remix the illustration.
Illustrations with attribution NC: commercial use not allowed.
Illustrations with attribution SA: when you publish a changed version of the illustration, you MUST publish it under the original CC license identical to the CC license of the author/creator.  

  • Radiopaedia  > CC-BY-NC-SA
  • Ultrasoundpaedia  > (changing of images is not allowed)
  • MedPix  > contact contributor for additional (non-personal use) permission requests

Historical illustrations Video's
Print sources

In the collection of the Walaeus Library you can find atlases in section 17 of each major subject. For instance: QS = Anatomy, QS 17= Anatomic atlas. When it concerns specialized atlases you can find them with the exact subject, for instance: WK 810 (= Diabetes Mellitus) when you look for a book like Color Atlas of Diabetes.

Pictures and portaits of persons you can find in subject category WZ 100.

Literature about medical illustrations is to be found in section WZ 348.

On June 4 2019 a workshop on BlackBoard-Copyright and Open Educational Resources was held.
Click for the presentation and handout (in Dutch) "Van Copyright naar Open Educational Resources" (LUMC Onderwijsconferentie 2019)