Author Identifiers / ORCID / ResearcherID

Author Identifiers increase the identification and findability of scientific work

ORCID (Open Researcher and Contributor ID) helps connect a researcher's unique identity to his/her publications or research activities.  This tool can prevent ambiguity with respect to author’s names and can increase visibility of a searcher’s scientific work. Many journals and   funding bodies have already adopted the use of an ORCID.

All LUMC employees are urged to generate an ORCID
You can sign up for ORCID via After registration you will receive an unique code, e.g. An ORCID can be used when submitting manuscripts. Other author identifiers or author-specific information such as ResearcherID or LinkedIN can be added to your ORCID profile.  For more information check the following url:

How can I add my publications to my ORCID? 

Method 1: Linking ORCID and ResearcherID (Publons)
You can create a ResearcherID yourself by registering in Publons ( Here you link your articles to your ResearcherID (via To export your article data to ORCiD, go to the ORCiD permission settings page ( on your Private Dashboard, add your ORCiD, also select "Keep my ORCiD review list up to date with my Publons account "and click Save. With the latter, new articles written by you in Web of Science are automatically added to your ORCID data.

Method 2: Collect your article references yourself
Please follow this instruction: References from EndNote to ORCID

ORCID and importing publications to Converis

Using ORCID will result in automatic import of your publications to Converis. It is essential that your publications have been added to your ORCID and that a connection exists between your ORCID account and ResearcherID from Web of Science (WoS). 

Peoplesoft HRM (via Albinusnet): a Peoplesoft HRM account can be obtained via your supervisor. Every LUMC staff member is advised to add his/her ORCID to his/her profile in the "selfservice employee" menu in Peoplesoft HRM.  Choose "Personal ID's" and next the button + to add an ORCID.

Adding your ORCID in Peoplesoft is shown here:

Further information on how to increase your visibility on Publishing platforms you can find here.

For questions or suggestions, please contact the Walaeus Library,