The collection of journals comprises of two segments: full text online journals and harback copies of journals . The majority of the subscriptions to journals are online only. Apart from that, a number of journals are available both on paper and in full online access. Lastly, a minor part of the collection is only available as a hard copy journal.


Many older volumes of journals are not present as hard copy, but are only availablke online. The opposite can hold true in some cases: older volumes of journals can be unavailable online but present in the library. .

Online journals

The online journals can be found in a number of ways.

  1. Through the Journal List | Tijdschriftenlijst van de Walaeus Library
  2. Through the E-journals Universiteitsbibliotheek Leiden, this is the journal list from the University Leiden University Library.
  3. Through Browzine. This app allows access to several up-to-date fulltext articles. Browzine is available for Apple and Android tablets and smartphones.  

The first and second list have overlapping titles, but also contain some unique titles not found in the other list.

You can also try to find your journal via the links on online tracing of journals  Online tijdschriften traceren.

Hardback journals

The Walaeus Library is subscribed to a number of journals solely available in a hard cover version. It concerns about 40 journals that can only be read and photocopied in the library. The most recent editions are alphabetically arranged along the back wall of the study area of the library. The older, bound volumes are ordered in two clusters: the first cluster (A-G) can be found left of the glass wall, whilst the second cluster (H-Z) can be found right of the glass wall. The journals are alphabetically ordered according to the Pubmed notation (e.g. BR J RADIOL)


Jouurnals are not loaned out, with exemption of supplements and thematic editions. These journals can be borrowed for a period of 21 days upon presentation of a valid LU-card. The loan of a thematic edition can be extended a maximum of 4 times a period of 21 days, unless the borrowed item has been reserved by another client. A maximum of 10 items can be borrowed from the Walaeus Library at any given time.

The LU-card is used for the loan of books. In case you are not yet in possession of a LU-card, you can register in the GMS at our Information desk, upon presentation of a valid ID and adress. Your registration in GMS can subsequently be used to register for a LU-card. The LU-card is free for employees and students of the LUMC and the Leiden University. The LU-card costs 30 euro per year for non-employees or non-students.

Cannot find your article?

You can request an article using this online request form.  We will apply for this article at another library. The requesting of an article elsewhere can result in costs.